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Teeth Whitening – York, PA

An Innovative Way to Brighten Your Smile

If you have been disappointed with your whitening results in the past, or if you have been waiting for the right treatment to come along, we have great news for you. After significant research, Dr. Cyriac has discovered the most effective tooth whitening technique ever known, which he calls “Whitepearl Extreme.” Through a combination of in-office and take-home treatments, you can have the beautiful white smile you have always wanted with professional teeth whitening in York, PA.

Man sharing brilliant smile after teeth whitening

Why Choose York Smile Care for Teeth Whitening?

  • Innovative Modern Techniques
  • Long-Lasting Results
  • Kind and Experienced Dentist

How Does Whitepearl Extreme Teeth Whitening Work?

Whitepearl extreme teeth whitening kit

Whitepearl Extreme is actually a combination of time-tested whitening techniques that have been put together in a new and exciting way. It COMBINES in-office treatments with take-home treatments. This is a powerful, synergistic system that gives you the benefits of both types of treatments. You get the “immediate” result of an in-office treatment AND the “deeper” longer-lasting results of a take-home treatment. Additionally, each treatment makes the other one more effective.

Normally, we start with an in-office treatment (approximately 1 hour). Then, we proceed to a take-home treatment (approximately 2 weeks duration), and finish with another in-office treatment (approximately 1 hour). The first in-office treatment “primes the pump” for the take-home to be more effective, which in turn “primes the pump” for a more effective final in-office treatment. This 1-2-3 combination really gets your teeth their whitest.

I Have Tried Teeth Whitening in the Past but Had Sensitivity.
Can I Still be Treated with Whitepearl Extreme Teeth Whitening?

Smile before and after teeth whitening

Sensitivity is a very common temporary side effect of many whitening procedures. After significant experimentation and improvement of the treatment protocol, we feel we have greatly reduced this side effect. As a matter of fact, a desensitizing regimen is part and parcel of both the in-office and take-home treatment. As such, sensitivity is GREATLY reduced. Should you develop some sensitivity during treatment, it is only temporary and will subside once the whitening process has been completed.

Do You Have Other Teeth Whitening Options Besides Whitepearl Extreme Teeth Whitening?

Woman in dental office for teeth whitening treatment

Yes. We have a complete menu of whitening options. You can choose a traditional at-home treatment with whitening trays or get your teeth their whitest by choosing Whitepearl Extreme Whitening.